Feel secure again with trauma therapy in Hanover

Happenings that lead to a state of intense helplessness and which cannot be overcome by your own efforts represent a turning point for those affected. If the physical and psychological consequences of the experienced stress are not treated, the trauma often becomes the centre of life.

Even after years of "successful" suppression, memories of traumatic experiences can still hit you out of a sudden. Trauma therapy in Hanover successfully treats characteristic symptoms like nightmares, fears, flashbacks, and depression in Hanover.

Gain a new quality of life with trauma therapy by Alexander Seiler in Hanover!

Careful treatment methods in trauma therapy in Hanover for lasting healing

The level of traumatisation by a single or repeated event is not dependent on the event itself, but on the inner experience of the person affected. An accident that seems relatively harmless to outsiders can be experienced so seriously that therapeutic treatment becomes necessary. A professional trauma therapy in Hanover by Alexander Seiler can help in these cases.

Sometimes the victim is not even aware of the cause of the trauma. The reason for starting trauma therapy can be symptoms such as emotional numbness or depression. Whatever the cause of the trauma might be, Alexander Seiler treats you with proven methods:

  •   Trauma therapy in Hannover using hypnosis: The most important thing first: You are not helpless or at the mercy during hypnosis in Hannover. In medical hypnosis you find yourself in a trance, external stimuli are perceived as less important. In this relaxed state, the traumatic experiences are restructured and organized, whereby the experience becomes a mere memory that no longer triggers any negative reactions or emotions.
    The jewel of hypnosis treatment is called hypnosanalysis. Alexander Seiler can find the real causes of the problem, without the patient having to consciously remember it.

  • Trauma therapy according to the Yager code: If hypnosis is not possible due to excitement or inner defense, the Yager code is a proven variant method of trauma therapy. In Hanover, Alexander Seiler practices this method of reconditioning, named after Dr. Edwin Yager. The real reason of the problem will be viewed from the present perspective and re-evaluated. Thus previous patterns and conditionings can be given up. There will be no danger of retraumatisation, because this method works without images.

Experience shows that a successful trauma therapy in Hanover is  possible in between 1- 3 sessions only.

The basis of trauma therapy in Hanover with Alexander Seiler: Confidence

Experience shows that it is particularly difficult for patients suffering by traumatic experiences to build a confident base for their treatment. At the beginning of a trauma treatment in Hanover with Alexander Seiler, there will be an intensive conversational approach. All questions as well as goals and expectations will be answered. This also includes detailed information about the treatment method - nothing will happen against your consent.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or book your first appointment. You can book the trauma therapy in Hannover as well as other services directly via my online booking tool - we will work on a better quality of life for you!


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