Selbstliebe lernen bei Alexander Seiler in Hannover


Lack of self-confidence treated in Hanover - Hypnosis treatment by Alexander Seiler

To love themselves has a bad taste for most people. That is unjustified. To love yourself has many assets - for yourself and others.
Attachment to others around you is an important factor in life and most people long to be liked and loved by others.
We actually spend a lot of time and energy doing things to get the attention, recognition and love of people around us.
Some people give themselves, their opinions and their desires away, just to be loved and respected by others.
Others are sure, that it is important for other people to be loved by them.
Sometimes we even use our loving to reward others for their good behavior, or track back our love from them as a punishment, e.g. if they do not behave according to our wishes.

But in terms of self-love, we have lots of reservations. As much as we wish to be loved and liked by others, we find it hard to love ourselves.

Maybe we believe that we can only love and accept ourselves if we appear perfect in the eyes of our own standards. Perhaps we take self-love for egoism, narcissism and arrogance.
Then we defend ourselves against self-love because we do not want to be considered narcissistic.
However, our lack of self-loving and self-respect may make us miss out on many positive experiences.
Self-confidence in contrast, has a very positive influence on our life and our fellow human beings.

Let's take a look at some positive effects of self-confidence:


  1. Self-love gives us self-confidence and inner strength.

  2. If we love ourselves, we are no longer dependent on the affection of our fellow human beings.

  3. We are not afraid to lose the acceptance of others and can thus do and say what we think is right.

  4. It is easier to approach others and make contact, because we will not be afraid of being rejected.

  5. We can be honest and sincere with ourselves and others. We can accept compliments or feedback.

  6. If we love ourselves, we will be attractive to others.

  7. People around us like to be with us, because we have an inner balance and thus a positive and open charisma.

  8. Because we do not have to twist ourselves and beg for the love of others, others will experience us as a strong personality and treat us with respect.

  9. We are emotionally more stable when we love ourselves.

  10. If we love ourselves, we do not ask others to give us affection and recognition. We enjoy the recognition of others, but we are not dependent on it


Gain a new quality of life . Your lack of Self-love successfully treated in Hanover - by Alexander Seiler.