Exam nerves / anxiety

Schüler machen Hausaufgaben


„The no-fear / no-stress study solution - your easy way to success"

You suffer from learning blockades and often can't concentrate on the study topic?

The more you learn, the less you feel like you know enough for the test?

In exams you often can't recall what you have learnt, you feel blocked or even have 'blackouts'?

The closer the exam date gets, the greater your fears will grow?

If you want to understand which mechanisms affect your life's success, and what you can do about it, then you've come to the right place.

I'll explain to you which inner obstacles can make learning and professional success extremely difficult. Negative beliefs like not being good enough and anxieties such as fear of public speaking, fear of authority, fear of being criticised, embarrassed, unsuccessful, anxious to make decisions or exam phobia are playing their part in the background. As soon as the restrictive beliefs and fears are dissolved, the obstacles to your personal and professional success are automatically released and personal and professional goals can be reached easily.

Therapy in Hanover​:

The unconscious mind controls your body functions, its symptoms and your emotions. This is why my special hypnosis therapy, which communicates directly with the unconscious mind, is an extremely effective and fast-working therapy!
The uncovering treatment by means of hypnoanalysis is a well proven therapy.

However, the triggers are usually not obvious.

According to my treatment experience, the triggering event for your symptoms is usually not the reason, but "only" the cause to effect negative processes.

These underlying causes may go back to your pre-linguistic time. If that kind of early traumatisation gets activated by the current event (stress), this is where the " psychological energy " comes from. If the hidden core issues are found and worked on, the problem will clear like a fog after sunrise. That's the reason why I always work with hypnoanalysis in order not to "try and error" with your symptoms, but to find the causes and sort them out at once sustainably.