Neurodermitis Schuppenflechte


Neurodermatitis, Urticaria, Eczema

Skin Diseases


Patients often experience that skin diseases respond unsatisfactorily to drug therapy i an unsatisfactory degree. Whereas it's well known for a long time already, that hypnosis can provide significant relief for skin diseases. Both the causal level (A) and the symptom level (B) can be used.

(A) Work on the emotional (co-)cause of the skin disease. This can be done using hypnoanalysis and represents the most complex approach.


(B) Interruption of the vicious circle of itching, scratching and inflammation associated by suggestive accelerated healing.


In practice, usually the second approach is applied. Even though the emotional cause has not been treated, significant improvements can regularly be achieved.


Hypnosis treatment is particularly effective when the patient learns self-hypnosis. This can be achieved by a good therapist in a single session only. The patient will experience a noticeable relief. At the same time, the dose of medication can often be reduced immediately.


The treatment is very simple:

​The patient learns self-hypnosis and self-suggestions based on the following rules:


  • The localisation must be specified as precisely as possible.

  • Heat irritation and redness are treated with cooling pads

  • Itching is treated with the suggestion "calm and irritation-free".

  • If necessary, the suggestion of numbness can also be of good help.


In practice: The patient speaks his hypnosis code word and gives himself the suggestion, e.g. "The skin in the face is very calm and cool." He visualizes the changes and feels them. Then he ends the hypnosis. The hypnosis can be carried out in everyday life as short hypnosis with a duration of 30 - 60 seconds or it can be extended over a time of several minutes.

In the below I present some experiences with different desease patterns:


It's well known for a long time that hypnosis can bring significant relief to skin conditions associated with redness, itching and inflammation. Suggestions can break the vicious circle of itching, scratching and inflammation.

In the industrialised countries, 5 - 20 % of children and 1 - 3 % of adults are affected by neurodermatitis. In Germany, 8-16% of all children suffer from neurodermatitis by the time they start school. The therapy consists mainly of the external treatment of dry skin with anti-inflammatory preparations. In conventional medicine, neurodermatitis is considered to be incurable. But does a neurodermatitis patient really have to suffer from this disease all his life or is there a way to find relief or even a cure?

Hypnotherapists as well as psychosomatically working practitioners know that skin diseases, as well as many other physical complaints and illnesses, are strongly related to psychological well-being. The skin is also referred to as the "mirror of the soul". A treatment with ointments does not do justice to the mechanisms by which neurodermatitis develops.


Therapists repeatedly observe with neurodermatitis that the skin improves when mental problems are solved. This is not surprising, because the elimination of emotional stress provides the immune system with more energy for healing, not only in the field of neurodermatitis.

According to a scientific study it has been proven that even suggestion therapy can alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases (here neurodermatitis):

"Fight itching with suggestion?" For neurodermatitis sufferers this seems very possible. The skin condition also improves significantly under hypnotherapy, has now been proven!

Psychologists at the University of Tübingen investigated the effect of hypnotherapy on the severity and intensity of neurodermatitis in 33 patients in a randomised control group design.

If you suffer from neurodermatitis, it makes sense to consider where there are strong emotional strains in your life. Worries, disappointment, sadness, hatred or fear can also be solved with the help of self-help methods, such as self-hypnosis and positive self-suggestions, and thus also contribute to an improvement of physical well-being and the alleviation of physical diseases and also to the improvement of skin diseases such as neurodermatitis.


18 affected persons were assigned to the "waiting list", 15 others each received twelve one-hour individual therapy sessions at weekly intervals, reported by Dr. C. Senser and colleagues in the journal "Aktuelle Dermatologie". The dermatological treatment continued as usual throughout the duration of the study. In the first eight hours of therapy the psychologists modified the perception of itching and scratching behaviour through relaxation hypnosis as well as suggestions for cooling and numbness.

IIn the last four sessions, the focus was on the individual problems of the patients, which were related to the increased occurrence of atopic dermatitis. The objective severity of the symptoms was determined with SCORAD*, the subjective severity with analogue scales to assess skin condition, itching and scratch intensity.
The result: According to SCORAD, the skin condition of hypnotherapy patients improved highly significantly by an average of 40%, while in the control group it deteriorated by 32%, probably due to seasonal factors. Patients also benefited significantly from the verum group in terms of subjective assessment of skin condition, disease management and quality of life".
Medical Tribune, MTD, issue 27/2004, p. 16, Rd - C. Senser et al., Akt Dermatol 2004; 30: 103 - 108

As for allergy, however, it is also true for neurodermatitis that the origination and persistence of symptoms is based on unconscious conflicts and unprocessed trauma. According to my understanding of illness and therapy, a cause-oriented, uncovering therapy should always be preferred over a symptom-oriented treatment.

Urticaria / Hives - if your skin burns like fire

It itches and itches and one would like to give in and scratch your skin off. Everyone who ever suffered from hives knows this feeling and often cannot find any relief.

Hypnosis can provide significant relief. If you can stop the scratching and your skin no longer itches and burns so much, it will be of great help to most sufferers. No scratching also avoids aggravation by infections.

With hypnosis possible to switch off and relieve not only pain, but also the annoying itching.


Eczema respond very well to treatment with hypnotic suggestions. Especially helpful in this case is the interruption of the vicious circle of itching, scratching and inflammation combined with suggestively accelerated healing.

Article: Stress causes skin irritations and Hypnosis heals

American scientists have discovered why the skin is more prone to inflammation and pimples during stress. They have shown that stress hormones play a key role in reducing the amount of antibiotics in the skin.

A study in mice showed that psychological stress weakens the antimicrobial defense of the skin. The amount of body's own antimicrobial substances decreased rapidly during stress in the upper skin layer. This is probably due to the increased levels of stress hormones, which cause the transport of antibiotics produced in the body into the skin to be disturbed.

According to the scientists, the results explain why many skin diseases such as acne, neurodermatitis or psoriasis worsen during periods of stress.

In their study, the researchers put mice under stress for four days: they did not let them sleep, exposed them to constant noise and kept them together in tight cages with several other mice. Measurements showed that after the stress period, the amount of antimicrobial proteins such as defensins and cathelicidins, which are normally found on the surface of the skin, decreased considerably. In addition, skin infections with the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes, which can cause tonsillitis and abscesses in humans, spread much further in stressed mice and were much more persistent than in their unstressed counterparts.

If it was possible to block the stress hormone effect or restore the transport chain, the unpleasant side effects of stress on the skin could possibly be prevented, said Karin Aberg of the University of California at San Francisco.

Source: Karin Aberg (University of California, San Francisco) et al.: Journal of Clinical Investigation, J Clin Invest. 2007;117(11):3339-3349.

This shows why hypnosis can have a healing effect on skin diseases. Other than reducing the EFFECT of the stress hormones by medication only, it is also possible to reduce the stress reaction by a deep relaxation, so that the production of stress hormones does not occur at all or only to a limited extent.