With my preferred therapeutical approach, the hypnoanalysis, you don't have to dig into memories!

Your subconscious recorded everything started from baby age. And with my preferred method, I just let the "film sequence", which causes  your problem today, appear.

What does Hypnosis actually mean?
Hypnosis therapy is based on collaboration. In hypnosis you are neither unconscious, asleep nor at the mercy of others!

Hypnotic trance is primarily a relaxed and anxiety-free state. Whilst in a normal state of mind you experience different stimuli at the same time, in a hypnotic trance the focus is on a certain perception or imagination. External stimuli become less important. Doing things "like in a trance" is an everyday and natural state. Every person is in "hypnosis" several times a daytime, for example every morning when waking up. In between sleep and the awaking consciousness. While jogging, sinking into the topic of a book or doing concentrated work. The brain is then in the same state that is normally reached during hypnosis.

You will hear, feel and remember everything.

It is not possible to do anything against your personal intentions, morality, religious beliefs or personality.

In any case, you can get off even the deepest state of hypnosis at any time if you like.
The 'Yager Code' is not a hypnosis technique.

Many problems result of non-recognizable organic causes. Some unaware part of the human mind, an unconscious part, actively controls things and causes the unwanted behavior or experience.

In that case, and if this specific part of the human mind is formed in the course of life experiences (process of conditioning), it should be possible to change the unwanted reactions by means of re-conditioning.

This Yager Code, named after the inventor Dr. Edwin Yager, is an effective and efficient technique, used for re-conditioning. It allows us to identify the cause of your problems from a present perspective and to reconsider past causative events in the light of today's knowledge. Identifying and solving the cause leads to the elimination of the symptoms.

The elimination of psychological and psychogenic problems is achieved by "re-education" of the subconscious problem-causing part of your mind which happens to do the therapeutic work right in that way.

What exactly is the Yager Code?