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Impotence / erectile dysfunction

As a rule, sexual dysfunctions can be  improved or cured through hypnosis therapy very quickly.

The most common sexual problems to be seen in practice are erectile dysfunction, sexual desinclination as well as sexual aversion.


Enjoying tenderness and sexuality is as natural as enjoying the physicality of your body in other ways. If this ability is irritated or there is even an aversion to sexual practice, emotional causes will be most likely. As a rule, unprocessed negative experiences and emotions play a role in the background. Hypnosis therapy is based on uncovering and working on these underlying causes.



The severity of the potency disturbance can be very different.
It ranges from occasional problems to total loss of the erectile ability. If these problems persist for at least six months and in 70% of cases attempts to have sexual intercourse are unsuccessful, this is called erectile dysfunction in a medical sense. Dysfunctions can usually be treated well by hypnosis therapy.

Patients often report that medications such as Viagra or Cialis can relieve the strain in the short term because they help them to experience an erection again.
In the long term, however, the awareness not to be potent without external relief often leads to a further reduction of self-confidence and self-esteem.


Many men experience a temporary erectile dysfunction at some period in their lives.

This can be perceived as a weakening of the male identity. If you cannot get an erection for a longer period of time, you might soon feel as half a man. The fear of a further "failure" of masculinity in turn reinforces erectile dysfunction. Men feel responsible for their sexual "failure". Therefore, it is important for them to recognise that erection, like blushing, is not a function of the conscious mind, but an unaware reaction.


Prior to arranging an appointment with me, you should have a medical checkup to determine possible organic causes.
If organic causes can be excluded, the dysfunction can usually be treated successfully in between a short time by hypnosis. Any erectile dysfunction is related to at least one of the two following reasons:


  1. It is a functional disorder: This can be relieved under deep hypnosis directly by means of appropriate suggestation therapy, often in initial treatment.

  2. It is a symptom of an unresolved conflict or a traumatic experience that has led to a fear of failure, feelings of inferiority, etc. In that case, the underlying problem can usually be identified and treated very quickly by hypnotic analysis.


Hypnosis therapy always starts with a hypnoanalysis!

If there are hidden emotional conflicts, these can usually be neutralized quickly by means of hypnoanalysis. If there are no emotional conflicts, for example if it is a learned reaction, "amazing results" can be achieved ba means of positive suggestions in deep hypnosis.

Since an erection is an autonomous, unaware reaction, like e.g. falling asleep, it is not possible to influence those reactions by a strong will effort.

Through reconditioning under hypnosis, a natural sexual reaction as well as a relaxed and enjoyable experience of sexuality can be re-established . The sexual reaction proceeds automatically again. And that is the exact aim of the treatment!