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Pay treatment rates conveniently in installments!

As I know, not everyone can afford to spend 200/ 300 €  at once. Thus, you can pay your treatment rates comfortably and easily in monthly installments - with medipay! Simply choose a duration and the monthly rate  according to your individual payment plan.

As for a duration of 36 months, the monthly charge for treatment costs of 250 € is less than 10 €! And if you pay the costs in six monthly installments, the financing for you is even completely free of charges and fees!



What exactly is medipay?

​Medipay is an inexpensive and convenient installment service for private medical services - regardless of your health insurance state.

What is special about medipay?

Cheap. Uncomplicated. Fast. Individual. Secure. Comfortable.


How does medipay work?

Very simple! You apply for your payment plan online or simply ask me for a medipay financing application form. The completed and signed application can be sent directly to medipay service team. medipay will contact you and take over the entire handling process and correspondence. With your credit approval you will receive the medipay confirmation form.



Who can apply for medipay?

The medipay installment plan is basically open to persons with a primary residence in Germany and without negative credit registrations, who are employees or retired and have a real disposable income. Students, trainees and the like can apply with a guarantor (parent, spouse or partner from the same household) in addition.

Your medipay advantages

  • fast, cheap and convenient payment,

  • access to the high-quality and individual services of comfort medical treatment,

  • medipay can be applied from as little a sum as 250 €,

  • early termination is no problem.


What happens next?

You can fill out the application online or download and print a financing application in pdf format here.

You need further information? Just give me a call or send me an e-mail!