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Depressions treated in Hanover - Hypnosis treatment by Alexander Seiler

Inner emptiness, the feeling of a lack of perspective, lack of activity and constant ruminations - many people experience that kind of mood at least once in their lifetimes. However, if these symptoms persist for a longer time, are more severe and have a lasting negative effect on the quality of life, it is called depression. In Hanover, Alexander Seiler helps you as a hypnotherapist through stressful phases of your life.

Effective action against depression: In Hanover, Alexander Seiler as your therapist uncovers causes using hypnosis.

Depression is a widespread disease, but it is usually well treatable provided, that the disease is diagnosed as early as possible and that the patient is appropriate to request help and treatment. Common treatment methods are medication and psychotherapeutic care, often in a combination of both.
While these methods primarily deal with the symptoms, Alexander Seiler as a hypnotherapist treats depression in Hanoverin a cause-oriented way. Hypnoanalysis can identify the causes and resolve them at their origin. The following events are common triggers of depression:

A real or threatening loss experience: a painful loss makes you feel helpless and unable to react. This can lead to hopelessness. In the treatment of depression in Hanover, it is less essential what exactly the loss consists of - a loved one, known certainties, limbs or even the loss of youth or future can trigger depression. With hypnosis, however, these triggering events for depression can be managed well.

Subconscious reflection of an event: memories of dramatic and painful events are often repressed but remain in the subconscious mind. Touching these repressed memories, for example through anniversaries, often triggers depression. In Hanover, Alexander Seiler, your therapist, is dedicated to this problem.

Early childhood traumatisation: triggering events for depression can reach far back, often to your pre-linguistic time. The brain wants to protect affected patients from painful memories, but this way keeps the trauma from coming to terms with. The core element of the treatment of depression in Hanover is hypnosis therapy, which uncovers the hidden causes of current depression and can thus be treated effectively.

Gain a good quality of life again - have depressions treated successfully in Hanover by Alexander Seiler.

The effectiveness of medical hypnosis has been scientifically proven and is successfully used in the treatment of depression caused by a triggering event as well as in trauma therapy in Hanover.

Alexander Seiler guides you gently to the causes of depression. With the knowledge gained, the event can be recorded and then resolved, which experience has shown is a significant relief of the treated persons. According to previous experience, 2-3 hours can be time enough to effectively treat depression - the appointments can be booked conveniently and easily online!

Have your depression treated in Hanover - Alexander Seiler is your competent hypnotherapist for coping with anxiety states, fateful blows and more.