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According to an overview of German allergists, about 4.4 percent of people between the ages of 20 and 44 in Germany suffer from asthma. The figure for children and adolescents is 3 to 7 percent. An allergy is the cause of 85 out of 100 asthma illnesses. For asthma, what has been said in the chapter "Allergies" essentially applies. Similar to allergies, the number of asthma diseases is increasing dramatically. An estimated 20 million Americans are unfortunately among them, twice as many as 20 years ago.

No complete healing with the help of conventional medicine
Asthma, a chronic inflammation, essentially causes an obstruction of the respiratory tract. Traditional asthma treatments are long-term but do not completely cure the problem.

Hypnotherapy asthma-treatment

Hypnosis therapy is based on the following understanding of the disease: Due to increasing strain on the body as well as cinders and environmental toxins, respiratory diseases and asthma occur more and more. The outbreak of asthma, however, always occurs against the background of an unconscious emotional conflict situation.

The hypnotherapeutic approach of both is to uncover and work on the underlying emotional conflict. That way, asthma can be healed in many cases. Often with a single treatment.

As with the topic "allergy", I would like to point out the importance of the elimination of environmental toxins, since this represents an unspecific burden on the body and can ultimately trigger other diseases.

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