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Overeating is an addiction (obesity). As to any other addictions the following applies to overeating addiction:

It is a symptom, an expression of unresolved emotional issues. Eating has the function of suppressing these issues and the feelings associated with them, and it is an unconscious attempt to solve the problem.



Eating too much and too frequently is always emotional related eating. You eat when you're sad or disappointed, when you feel lonely or angry. Overweight patients often describe this with the sentence "The food is good for me". Very often, they are also aware that they "eat away" unpleasant feelings or fill an inner deficite But this "make yourself comfortable" through excessive eating is not caring for themselves. Uncontrollable eating is an addiction, and your own mind can never control an addiction.


Its very understandable, that a diet cannot solve the weight problem.


​Severely overweight people think obsessively about food all day long. They wake up with the thought "what am I going to eat today? That's exactly what alcoholics do in terms of drinking!

Even after a weightloss surgery a therapy will be necessary, because the stomach will expand againif the eating habits will not change after the surgery. 

The far better alternative is a preparing therapy, using my special hynonis technique, the hypnoanalysis. After that, there will be a great chance that you won't need any weightloss surgery at all.


In medical hypnosis, the cause is detected and solved. The eating behaviour normalises and the pounds tumble. In addition, I can support healthy and natural weight loss with positive suggestions after the treatment. Thus, medical hypnosis has a much deeper effect than ordinary hypnosis. For your support, you get internalized to your subconscious mind, as an example, that water can satisfy you in the same  way as chocolate does (if you like chocolate).


If you have a weight problem and you think that mental problems stand behind your eating disorder, ask yourself the following questions:

  • At what time in your life did the eating problem start?

  • In which kind of situation does it grow extraordinary strong?

  • Are there other members of your family who are also overweight?

  • What happened the last time you reached your target weight?

  • Do you use to eat when you are not hungry?

  • Are you eating too fast?

  • Do you eat accompanied by feelings like fear, sadness, disappointment...


If your answer to one or more of these questions​, you have a good chance to get rid of your eating disorder in a very short time with my special treatment using Hypnoanalysis.